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Mystery Date
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Directed by: Jonathan Wacks

Cast: Ethan Hawke Teri Polo Brian McNamara Fisher Stevens

Studio: Orion Pictures

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1991-08-16 (wide)


Tom McHugh is a fine teen boy who secretly dreamed of making a move at the neighbor's sexy, a bit older house-sitter Geena Matthews, but never dared to do anything. Suddenly his admired big brother Craig, a cool law student, turns up from California, while their parents are out, in his new classic car, and starts helping kid bro with money, expert dating advice and even the impressive car, so he can have his dream date. Alas it isn't long till the well-planned evening out starts turning into a multiple nightmare for Tom, who gets caught up in a web of crimes and discovers to his shaken horror that Craig is not the hero he always took him for, even worse...

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