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The Run of the Country Posters & Wallpapers

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The Run of the Country
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Directed by: Peter Yates

Cast: Albert Finney Matt Keeslar Victoria Smurfit Anthony Brophy David Kelly Dearbhla Molloy Carole Nimmons Vinnie McCabe Trevor Clarke Kevin Murphy Michael O'Reilly

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Genre: Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1995-09-22 (wide)


18 year-old Danny (Matt Keeslar) is lost and bereft after the death of his mother. Danny runs away from his father (Albert Finney), a stern man who loves his son but cannot express his feelings, and teams up with Prunty (Anthony Brophy), a wild local character. Prunty is Ireland; outrageous, cunning, daring and loyal. The run of the country, its glory and wildness, is theirs.

Danny falls passionately in love with Annagh Lee (Victoria Smurfit), a young girl living north of the border, and she with him, but reality intrudes on their idyllic existence when she becomes pregnant. Annagh's miscarriage and Prunty's accidental death devastates Danny but he survives and learns to take charge of his life, allowing him to reconcile with his father before leaving the village for Dublin and University.

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