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Directed by: Norman Jewison

Cast: Whoopi Goldberg Gérard Depardieu Haley Osment Denis Mercier Nancy Travis

Studio: Warner Bros.

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1996-09-06 (wide)


Seven year-old Albert (HALEY JOEL OSMENT) was raised in a shiny world of sequins and showgirls, surrounded by the magic and fantasy of Las Vegas. But when his single mother is suddenly killed in a car accident, Albert is sent from Vegas to live with his mother's childhood best friend whom he never knew existed, Harriet Franklin (WHOOPI GOLDBERG), in the decidedly not fantastic and not magical city of Newark, New Jersey.

As if raising a newfound "son" isn't trying enough for the fiercely independent Harriet, Albert has brought along a friend -- an imaginary one that no one else can see -- a stupendous, gentle giant of a Frenchman named Bogus (GERARD DEPARDIEU).

As Albert and Harriet struggle to get used to each other, Harriet's world of reality is brought face-to-face with Albert's world of imagination. While she grapples with sharing her one-person existence with this strange little boy who seems to talk to himself, Albert begins to rely more and more on his fantasy episodes, hoping to keep hold of the place he once called home.

Acting as part teacher, part playmate and part guardian angel, Bogus leads Albert -- and eventually Harriet -- through an enlightening experience of imagination and trust. Harriet ultimately discovers how to feel like a kid again (or maybe for the first time), and Albert grows to learn that there's more to love, friendship and magic than meets the eye.

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