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They spent a lifetime struggling to move away from the mean streets of their neighborhood. But the system stole their dreams, and now four childhood friends are determined to steal them back. As one grapples with the possibility of losing her only child, the foursome find themselves on the edge of desperation. With their world in turmoil and their backs against the wall, they decide to seek their fortune - literally. Virtually overnight, the women spiral into an uncharacteristic world of crime.

Targeting the banks of Los Angeles (the bank robbery capital of the world), Cleo, Stony, Tisean and Frankie rob the city's most vulnerable financial institutions. Flush with cash, they discover that easy money can inch them towards their elusive goal of escaping from the projects - but H can't solve their problems. With the police hot on their trail, breaking out of prison may be easier than busting free from the 'hood.

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