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The Associate
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Directed by: Doland Petrie

Cast: Whoopi Goldberg Dianne Wiest Tim Daly Bebe Neuwirth Laine Kazan Austin Pendleton George Martin Eli Wallach

Studio: Hollywood Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1996-10-25 (wide)


Financial analyst Laurel Ayres (WHOOPI GOLDBERG) is intelligent, sharpwitted and talented in matters of money. She seems to have all the right elements required for vaulting to the top of the Wall Street corporate ladder. But when Laurel fails to get a well-deserved promotion - given instead to her ethically-challenged, devious colleague Frank (TIM DALY) - she finally realizes that she likely will never crack the so-called "glass ceiling," a feat so easily and quickly accomplished by her male counterparts.

It is at this moment that Laurel's career and entire life take a completely unexpected turn when she devises an ingenious, but risky, plan to create the perception that she's formed a partnership with a powerful-male-financial whiz. Fabricating and donning the persona of "Robert S. Cutty," a strutting, pony-tailed, basso-voiced Laurel skillfully walks a tightrope of illusion and success, until her underhanded rival, Frank, attempts to unmask Cutty and appropriate the disguise for his own personal gain.

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