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The Rich Man's Wife Posters & Wallpapers

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The Rich Man's Wife
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Directed by: Amy Jones

Cast: Halle Berry Peter Greene Clive Owen Frankie Faison Charles Hallahan Allan Rich Clea Lewis Christopher McDonald Loyda Ramos William Crossett

Studio: Hollywood Pictures

Genre: Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1996-09-13 (wide)


Josie Potenza (Halle Berry) has it all: a fabulous home, a life of privilege, and Tony (Christopher McDonald), her rich husband. However, everything changes in a flash, when Tony is brutally murdered. As the one who appears to have the most to gain from the tragedy, Josie soon becomes the prime suspect in the police investigation. And when she is also terrorized by a psychotic killer and becomes the victim of blackmail, Josie is thrust into a relentless nightmare of fear and confusion.

With her world of wealth and security crashing down, Josie finds herself alone and vulnerable, and fighting for her very survival. Against near impossible odds, she must find the strength to turn the tables, and to maneuver through a labyrinth of dangers, from which at every turn, there seems to be no escape.

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