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Directed by: Robert Townsend

Cast: Halle Berry Martin Landau Natalie Desselle Johnathan Fried

Studio: New Line Cinema

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1997-03-28 (wide)


Nisi and Mickey (Berry and Desselle) have big hearts and an even bigger dream: to open the world's first combo soul food restaurant/hair salon. In an effort to earn money to jump-start their plan, they audition for a music video in Los Angeles and, through an unusual turn of events, end up assisting a Beverly Hills butler (Ian Richardson) and caring for an aging millionaire (Academy Award-winner Martin Landau) who welcomes the girls into his mansion. As they are "livin' large and takin' charge" in the land of the rich and famous, they find themselves in the middle of a plot to bilk the millionaire out of his money.

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