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G.I. Jane Posters & Wallpapers

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G.I. Jane
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Directed by: Ridley Scott

Cast: Demi Moore Viggo Mortensen Jason Beghe Scott Wilson Anne Bancroft Lucinda Jenney

Studio: Hollywood Pictures

Genre: Action

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1997-08-22 (wide)


Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) sets a historic precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed to train for the Navy Seals. Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honored fighting force in the world. Under the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (Viggo Mortensen), O'Neil is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials are counting on her to fail.

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