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Truth or Consequences, N.M.
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TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. is the gritty, romantic story of petty criminal Raymond Lebecke (Vincent Gallo) and the woman he loves more than anything in the world, Addy Monroe (Kim Dickens). After being released from jail, Raymond is determined to find enough money to take Addy away with him forever. But getting hold of the cash has dire consequences for the couple as they hook up with Ray's former prisonmate and wild man Curtis Freley (Keifer Sutherland) and his associate, the enigmatic Marcus Weans (Mykelti Williamson). When their simple plan for an easy theft goes awry and an undercover cop is shot, Raymond, Addy, Curtis and Marcus go on the lam, taking two yuppie hostages (Kevin Pollak and Grace Phillips) with them. Desperate to make their dream come true, Ray and Addy are willing to do just about anything to make it happen.

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