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Dirty Work
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Mitch Weaver (Norm Macdonald), a one-time human punching bag is about to turn his youthful trauma into a thriving business. Picked on, laughed at and beaten up, Mitch and fellow misfit Sam McKenna (Artie Lange) survive their childhood years not by keeping a low profile but by plotting and carrying out revenge on every small-time despot that crosses their path. From school bullies to meter maids to felonious crossing guards, nobody is safe from their wrath.

But with childhood's idyll far behind them and no way to avenge unemployment, Mitch and Sam find themselves desperate for cash when Sam's dad Pops (Jack Warden) requires expensive heart surgery. What are a couple of losers to do? Mitch and Sam think the unthinkable. Why not make money doing what comes naturally to them? Ever want to get revenge on someone but are too afraid of the consequences? Ever wish you could get someone else to do the Dirty Work for you?

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