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Directed by: John Roberts

Cast: Gena Rowlands Tony Shalhoub Cheech Marin Bruce Davison Trini Alvarado Jay Mohr Buddy Hackett Hallie Eisenberg

Studio: Dreamworks Pictures

Genre: Family

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1998-04-17 (wide)


Paulie's first owner - and first love - is a little girl named Marie (Hallie Kate Eisenberg) who raises him from a baby. Helping Marie over come a painful stutter gives Paulie the gift of gab, but doesn't prevent her parents from sending him away when they feel she is becoming too attached to him. Undeterred, the loyal little parrot begins a tenacious crosscountry search to find his young owner.

Told through the eyes of its unique title character, "Paulie" reveals the wonders - and heartbreak - of his and our worlds, as he travels through a series of funny and touching adventures in his quest to reunite with the little girl who raised ant loved him.

One thing is certain... If you want to know what's on Paulie's mind, just ask him. But you'd better be prepared for the answer. He doesn't know how to lie, and his biting wit may ruffle a few feathers...including his own.

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