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Quest For Camelot
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Join the adventures of Kayley (Jessalyn Gilsig, with singing by Andrea Corr), a lively and strong-willed girl, and Garrett (Cary Elwes, sung by Bryan White), a young blind man. Together they begin a quest to stop the evil Ruber (Gary Oldman) from capturing King Arthur's (Pierce Brosnan) magical sword Excalibur and, with it, the kingdom of Camelot. Kayley and Garrett must also rescue the kidnapped Lady Juliana (Jane Seymour), Kayley's beautiful widowed mother.

With the blessing of Merlin the magician (Sir John Gielgud), Kayley and Garrett pool their talents to attempt a task of great risk, danger and excitement as they fight to save Camelot and their King and fulfill their dreams. Along the way, they meet a variety of characters -- including a comical two-headed dragon, Devon & Cornwall (Eric Idle and Don Rickles) and the evil Griffin (Bronson Pinchot) -- and face down the evil knight Ruber.

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