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Small Soldiers Posters & Wallpapers

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Small Soldiers
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Directed by: Joe Dante

Cast: Kirsten Dunst Gregory Smith Jay Mohr Phil Hartman Kevin Dunn David Cross Ann Magnuson Denis Leary Dick Miller Wendy Schaal Robert Picardo

Studio: Dreamworks Pictures

Genre: Adventure

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 1998-07-10 (wide)


In the small suburban town of Winslow Corners, Ohio, life is quiet, people are friendly, and action figures are only toys. Then again, dont judge an action figure by its box.

Meet the Commado Elite action figures with an attitude. To them, everything else is just a toy. . . including the unsuspecting suburbanites of Winslow Corners, who have somehow found themselves allied with the Commandos sworn enemies, the Gorgonites. The monstrous-looking, but noble Gorgonites want only to hide from the Commados long enough to find the lost island of Gorgon. Unfortunately, the Commado Elite is not interested in truces or negotiations and they don't take prisoners.

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