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Desert Blue
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Seemingly stuck for good in Baxter, California are Blue (Brendan Sexton III) and his innocently rebellious teenage friends, who constantly try to relieve their boredom and find a sense of purpose in a place devoid of opportunities. Pete (Casey Affleck) has his eye on defending his All Terrain Vehicle extreme racing championship, while his girlfriend, Ely (Christina Ricci) hones her art of explosives. Blue's best buddy, Cale (Ethan Suplee) dreams of becoming the town deputy, while Sandy (Sara Gilbert) sells soft-serve ice cream cones from the roadside attraction.

But when a truck carrying a secret ingredient to the local soda factory crashes, spilling its contents, and resulting in the mysterious death of the truck's driver. The FBI quarantines the town until it can determine the exact contents of the tanker. A toxic chemical scare is in full effect. Skye (Kate Hudson), a beautiful young television star passing through on a road trip with her father (John Heard) is trapped in Baxter and must pass the time with Blue and his posse.

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