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The Deep End of the Ocean - Upcoming Movies

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The Deep End of the Ocean
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Beth Cappadora (Pfeiffer) is like most mothers-loving, devoted, and occasionally overwhelmed by the demands of caring for her family and maintaining a successful career as a photographer. With her three small children in tow, she arrives at a hotel for her 15th high school reunion weekend. In the middle of the crowded lobby, she looks away for a moment-and in that moment her three-year-old son Ben disappears. A frantic search turns up nothing; he has vanished in the blink of an eye, seemingly without a trace.

As hours turn into days, days into months, Ben's disappearance has a devastating effect on Beth's ability to cope, creating tensions between her and her husband Pat (Treat Williams) as well as her older son, Vincent (Cory Buck). Time goes by, and with Pat's help, Beth and the children go back to leading a seemingly normal life. Then one day, nine years later, a boy knocks on the Cappadoras' door, a boy who is the same age that their missing son would be now. Something strikes Beth about the color of his hair, the shape of his eyes, the curve of his cheek. Her mind dares to entertain the impossible thought-could it be him?

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