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Rat Race
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Las Vegas casino tycoon Donald Sinclair is determined to keep his wealthiest high rollers happy, so he concocts a new, quasi-legal sporting event for them to bet on: a human "rat race". The Rat Racers are six ordinary people, selected at random: Sinclair has put six specially minted gold coins in six different slot machines. Anyone who wins a coin is invited to join the race. The "cheese" is two million dollars in cash. The money is in a duffel bag. The duffel bag is in a locker. The locker is in Silver City, New Mexico - 700 miles away. The first one there keeps it all.

What our Racers don't know is that Sinclair and his gambling-crazed high rollers are tracking their every move - like a pack of lab rats - and betting on the outcome! In this contest, anything goes. The Racers travel by plane ... train ... helicopter ... foot ... bus... anything that moves! They cheat. They lie. They sabotage each other. "Rat Race" doesn't ask: what would you do to win? It asks: what wouldn't you do?

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