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12 Hours
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Directed by: Raúl Sánchez

Cast: Jaime Bello Marcos Betancourt Cielomar Cuevas Michelle Deliz Rosabel Valle Modesto Lacen Kidany Lugo Flavia Rossi Charlie Mass� Yadira Nazario Wanda Rovira Teofilo Torres

Studio: Manhattan Pictures

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 2002-08-08 (wide)


Drama unfolds in 12 short hours of nightlife in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lives intersect and run parallel under the cover of fateful darkness in this debut feature from filmmaker Raul Marchand-Sanchez. Three divorced ladies - one serious, one wild, one repressed - go out on the town and meet trouble and fun while they bond over their varied sad experiences. A teenage daughter reluctantly sets out to lose her virginity at her peers' coaxing. A handsome gigolo turns a $500 trick he'd rather forget and spends his night dodging fears with a friendly transvestite lounge singer who puts on a great show. A grandfatherly taxi driver works the overnight shift to supplement insurance that won't cover his beloved wife's Parkinson's medication, and winds up a hero in some regards. Capturing the mayhem is a frustrated entertainment reporter who gets her big break when she buys cigarettes at a convenience store and stops a robbery, while getting it all on tape.

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