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People I Know
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Caught up in the endless Manhattan nights, the man who's made it his business to know everything suddenly realizes he knows too much. Smart, resourceful and uncommonly devoted seasoned publicist Eli Wurman (Pacino) has smoothly managed the public lives of the rich, the famous and the incredibly powerful throughout his long career. There has never been a crisis he couldn't handle... until now. Cary Launer (O'Neal) is a famous actor - he's as good at manipulating and controlling those around him as he is at giving award-winning performances. Yet Launer is in trouble over a young starlet, Jilli (Leoni) and enlists Eli to discreetly escort her out of his life. It seems like just one more celebrity baby-sitting job, until they arrive at an after-hours party, where Eli experiences a shock that will change his life forever. The crime he's witnessed involves the most powerful and influential people in the country. In the end, Eli discovers one undeniable truth: it's who you know.

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