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The Reckoning
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Directed by: Paul McGuigan

Cast: Willem Dafoe Paul Bettany Simon McBurney Gina McKee Brian Cox

Studio: Paramount Classics

Genre: Thriller

Official Site: http://www.paramountclassics.com/reckoning/

Release Date: 2004-00-00 (wide)
2004-03-05 (limited)


In 14th Century England, this powerful tale of redemption follows a fugitive priest (Bettany) who falls in with a troupe of travelling actors (led by Dafoe). As they arrive in a small town, the actors encounter a woman being sentenced to death for witchcraft and murder. Discarding the expected bible stories, the actors stage a performance based on the crime. Through the performance of the play, they discover that the townspeople know the woman did not, in fact, commit the murder. The stage becomes a place where vital human truth is told. The fugitive priest comes to terms with his own crime and makes a powerful sacrifice, thereby redeeming himself.

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