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Romance and Cigarettes Posters & Wallpapers

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Romance and Cigarettes
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Directed by: John Turturro

Cast: James Gandolfini Susan Sarandon Kate Winslet Christopher Walken Mandy Moore Bobby Cannavale Aida Turturro

Studio: MGM

Genre: Comic Musical

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 2007-09-07 (limited)


Set in contemporary America, ROMANCE & CIGARETTES is a modern day musical, a dark and passionate comedy which tells the story of one man's journey into infidelity and redemption. It stars James Gandolfini as our hero Nick Murder and revolves around the repercussions of his adultery and doomed fascination with the flame haired seductress Tula (Winslet). For Kitty (Sarandon), Nick's long suffering wife, his treachery is the final straw. With faith in her husband shattered she surprises even herself with the ferocity of her anger as she struggles to cope with his betrayal. It is only through a tragic twist of fate that Nick finally understands the extent of the pain he has inflicted on his family. With time running out he discovers the essential value of Kitty's love and respect.

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