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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Pictures, Videos, Cast and Plot

Directed by: Werner Herzog

Cast: Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes Val Kilmer Jennifer Coolidge Fairuza Balk Alvin Joiner

Studio: First Look Studios

Genre: Drama

Official Site: http://www.badlt.com

Release Date: 2009-11-20 (limited)


After severely injuring his back while saving a prisoner from drowning in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, homicide detective Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) is promoted to lieutenant, prescribed painkillers and returned to active duty. A year later, he is addicted to both Vicodin and cocaine. But his responsibilities to the force continue, and when a family of African immigrants is found massacred, Terence is handed the case by his superiors.

In the convoluted moral universe in which Terence lives, it's possible to be a protective boyfriend to his escort girlfriend Frankie (Eva Mendes), look after a witness wanted by a notorious drug dealer (played by car-modifying rapper Xzibit), score drugs from intimidated club kids, regularly hallucinate about reptiles, have a lucky crack pipe and still somehow be charged with protecting the general public.

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