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The Longest Week
Pictures, Videos, Cast and Plot

Directed by:

Cast: Olivia Wilde Jason Bateman Billy Crudup

Studio: Voltage Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Official Site: http://www.voltagepictures.com/details.aspx?ProjectId=2d2fd103-0ef5-4f3a-e80d-52a3743cce08

Release Date: 2014-09-05 (limited)


When Conrad’s (Bateman) wealthy parents took a 20 year vacation to Paris, they left him to be raised by their Hotel staff at the age of 11. Now in his early 30’s, Conrad’s troubled life is filled with chasing girls, relaxing, and enjoying all the comforts of a prestigious hotel. However, all that changes when his parents’ divorce, ending his trust fund and forcing him out on the street. After some advice and 200 dollars from his therapist, hilarity ensues as Conrad begins his new life. Broke, homeless, and single, Conrad moves in with an old friend, Dylan(Crudup), while trying to sort his life together. Conrad finally meets the girl of his dreams, Beatrice (Wilde) and realizes this is the girl to turn his life around; although he soon discovers she is actually Dylan’s girlfriend! Will he be able to keep his friendship with Conrad and still win over the love his life, or does everything come crashing down as he is in way over his head?

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