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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Pictures, Videos, Cast and Plot

Directed by: Tommy Wirkola

Cast: Famke Janssen Jeremy Renner Gemma Arterton Peter Stormare Zoe Bell

Studio: Paramount

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Official Site: N/A

Release Date: 2013-01-25 (wide)


Catching up with Hansel (Renner) and Gretel (Arterton) 15 years after the traumatic incident involving a gingerbread house, the siblings have evolved into vengeful bounty hunters dedicated to exterminating witches. While on their travels the Mayor of Augsburg recruits them to rid the town and nearby forests of an evil sorceress (Janssen) who is planning to sacrifice many local children at the witches gathering during the upcoming "Blood Moon." To make things worse, the duo also has to deal with the brutal Sheriff Berringer (Stormare) who has taken power in Augsburg and conducts a very indiscriminate witch-hunt of his own.

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