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Ryan Gosling rages over Avatar’s font style in SNL skit

SNL debuted season 43 last night with host Ryan Gosling, and like all episodes, the show had some good sketches, some bad ones, but was mostly a solid episode that proved Gosling has an underused comedic talent. One of the highlights of the evening that will surely hit a special spot with some of you involved Gosling raging over the notion that, in creating the font design for AVATAR, the graphic designer merely used the “papyrus” design. This sends Gosling into a depression, and then on a vengeance-fueled quest for answers as he tries to get to the bottom of a maddening mystery: Why, with all the money and revolutionary technology put into the movie, did they just use papyrus?

I don't know if they'll switch up the design for the new AVATAR movies, but if they don't, James Cameron must prepare himself for the wrath of Gosling.

The first AVATAR sequel arrives December 18, 2020. 

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Matt Rooney