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Demi Lovato takes off her makeup and everything else for Vanity Fair

They consider it brave when famous hotties go without make up in magazines. Stripping themselves of their glamorous shells to reveal the true human being underneath is apparently a lot to ask from such people. I can't speak to the courage of that act. I pretty much do the same thing whenever I leave the house. I do, however, have to respect Demi Lovato for her choice not only to ditch...
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Emilia Clarke was the mother of fashions at Paris fashion week

There's such a startling difference between the real and fictional versions of Emilia Clarke , seen here showing off her adorably petite and leggy self at Paris Fashion Week. It's not just because of her GoT blonde wig either. Her characters seem to be the austere types, not especially fond of jovial expression. That's entirely unlike Emilia, who does very little else but smile. Her whole...
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Victoria Justice doesn't have to but much effort into being adorably hot

I was starting to become concerned that we were letting a whole week go by without any mention of Victoria Justice . I shudder to think of such a thing. Thankfully Knott's Berry Farm theme park had their little celebrity Halloween thing yesterday, which drew out all the barely legal hotties still very much attached to their halcyon days of trick-or-treating. People just can't seem to wait...
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Claire Danes promoting Homeland with a plunging neckline

Claire Danes falls in the pretty but not sexy category. Great facial features like her big smile, lovely eyes and overall classic beauty look, but she's just too damn skinny. Being so devoid of any curves always made it hard for me to imagine why Brody would have an affair with Carrie on Showtime's Homeland when he had Morena Baccarin at home dying to f*#k the trauma way....
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A Jenna Dewan and Emmanuelle Chriqui girls night out

I have no idea what the minutia of Jenna Dewan and Emmanuelle Chriqui ' s relationship is. I often come across photos – candid and otherwise – of the two attending events, partying and engaging in charitable endeavors. But I purposefully avoided actually reading about their Siamese twin-like attachment; mostly because what I can come up with in my mind is probably much...
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Like all Victoria's Secret's models; Martha Hunt takes it off for Lui

I'm just going to kill two birds with one stone here by making my write up and long overdue thank you letter to Lui Magazine one in the same. For the NSFW versions click the link below the photos. Dear Lui magazine, I must confess: I've never bought/read a single article you've printed, or, actually even held in my hand a physical copy of any issue. This has been a source...
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Flashback Friday: You can't talk babes of the 90s and not mention Pamela Anderson

Is it safe to say that over stuffed, bleached blonde sex kittens like Pamela Anderson are a thing of the past? Sure, they seem to endure in the outer reaches of the modelling world, advocating for various kinds of drinks with their barely covered, fake-looking bodies. Yet for many of us today, it's the naturally inflated tits and humanly-shaped bodies that speak the loudest about...
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Selena Gomez talks Bieber & body shamers while showing off her Flare

Her life has been tabloid fodder for a number of years now, from supposed feuds with other female singers to the on again/off again relationship with fellow young pop singer, Justin Bieber. So it makes sense that Selena Gomez would choose to open up to a magazine about what's going down in her life right now. For the October issue of Flare magazine, Gomez addressed the haters who...
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AnnaLynne McCord went shopping on Melrose, presumably not for a bra

Prior to getting roped into nighttime soap operas such as "Dallas" and "90210," AnnaLynne McCord was starting to rack up a good number roles in cheesy low budget horror films. Which makes me ponder the question: What if they were to cast McCord on "Scream Queens," that Fox show gaining ratings steam and featuring some of the hokiest acting from a variety of actresses who have had no hand in...
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Rose McGowan raises the cleavage barre at the NY Ballet Gala

The thing I like best about Rose McGowan is her literal checkered past. Around the age of 13, Rose admits to running away from home and taking up residence in the gay bars of Oregon. McGowan explained this experience to Vulture, saying, "I was taken in by two lovely drag queens and a stripper named Tina, so, you know, I learned how to paint and do makeup with the best of them. I...
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Molly Quinn goes from being a figurative sexy angel to a literal one

I'll come clean and admit that I don't watch Castle . There's no point in it for me. 5 minutes into any episode I'd just start lamenting the loss of Firefly and end up rewatching that show for the 4000th time, getting myself all worked up into a mouth-foaming rage in the process. And no one here wants to see or hear that nonsense again. Keeping my geek rage in check does come with some...
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Not even Jamie Chung's geeky cut offs ensemble can force her dog to play fetch

Poor Jamie Chung and her unresponsive furry friend. Kinda reminds me of my dog. Damn thing wont do anything but lay around, beg for food, and shit copiously. Thing is lucky it's cute. Anyway, you'd think everything and everyone on the planet would be responsive to the wishes of a hottie like Jamie. Just look at the girl - legs for days, adorable, with a geeky vibe. Clearly this pooch has...
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