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Kelly Brook uses her boobs to sell shoes

My girl Kelly Brook was back home in London the other day, doing a little salesmanship for the Sketchers brand of athletic shoes. It's funny, I haven't owned a pair of Sketchers in years. I haven't looked at any Sketchers or had an awareness of Sketchers even existing at this point. If you told me they folded sometime around the early 2000s, I'd believe you. Yet after seeing Kelly...
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Lea Seydoux goes from prim and proper to sleek and sexy with ease

Lea Seydoux is in the pages of Vogue this month, going from upstanding to sultry in seconds flat. Girl is really good at that. I've seen her play the sweetest little thing you could ever imagine, cold-hearted psychos and erotic sex machines, doing justice to each performance. Girl has a talent there. She can be pretty much anyone. I can see why they made her a Bond girl. Speaking of...
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Jasmin Walia's sweet butt just wont stop eating her bikini bottoms

Don't ask me who Jasmin Walia is or what she does. It's sufficient for our purposes here to sum up her celebrity credentials as yet another of those seemingly endless women who grace UK television airwaves, doing something I can't speak to. What's more important is how she looks. I see her pics around a lot, be they from premieres or just regular street candids. She's definitely an attention...
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Inbar Lavis' chesty photos from Cliche Magazine

It's never not a curious thing when a woman with a mug like this flies under the radar. It's not like she hasn't been around; she's appeared in Sons of Anarchy, Castle, gang-related (the series), and she had a leading role in the MTV series Underemployed. Surely the kosher beauty Inbar Lavis should have grabbed my attention long before today? Nope. I even went back and...
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Vanessa Hudgens in booty shorts & getting her iced coffee fix

Here's Vanessa Hudgens ,  or as I like to call her: Selena Gomez lite, giving a double dutch rudder to a pair of ice cold coffees while shopping. Hardly revelatory in the realm of sexy spectacles, I know. But I've been on the prowl for at least a few photos that play up to her sex appeal. Even in this age of paparazzi proliferation; that's harder than it...
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Yanet Garcia has the greatest ass of any weather girl... ever

Say hello to one of the sexiest weather girls I've ever come across, Yanet Garcia . It seems Mexico has figured out the easiest way to make reporting on precipitation, wind velocity and possible storms much more interesting. Find a girl so hot she's suitable for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover (or in these days; promoting 138 water), and have her tell everyone about the next...
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BOTB American Horror Story Babes: Taissa Farmiga vs Lily Rabe vs Emma Roberts

While THE MARTIAN won at the box office last week, it was ultimately the movie goers who won with the gorgeous cast of ladies in the film. Everyone's favorite redhead right now, Jessica Chastain, topped the Battle from last week, which was a surprise to no one. With the 5 installment in the "American Horror Story" series boasting good ratings with Lady Gaga joining its cast for...
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Another party, another chance to ogle Christina Milian's perfect breasts

She's graced the cover of Latina magazine back in May of this year, so of course Christina Milian was going to get an invite to the publication's Latina Hot List party in West Hollywood. And because she's mainly known for being one of the hottest pieces of tail not doing much outside of a brief reality show stint, Lifetime channel movies and running that clothing store of hers (oh, and the...
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Shay Mitchell looked extra stunning for her visit to Extra

Her show's final season is starting up soon, with "Pretty Little Liars" finally bowing out with all of the mysteries solved, but Shay Mitchell isn't going anywhere. She's recently releases a novel (to be fair, it's like any other fictional book "written" by any other celebrity without strong aspirations to write with a ghost writer doing the heavy lifting while the star weighs in on what...
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The Final Girls premiere hauls in the hotness with Nina Dobrev, Taissa Farmiga & more

While we're in full swing with the Halloween season (I have successfully been able to keep up thus far with the 31 days of horror movies, although I tend to falter after week one), making THE FINAL GIRLS a great choice for movie-going, it appears that the film isn't going to be getting a huge unveil, with a limited theater release. You do have the option of checking into the film with...
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Diane Kruger makes herself up all immortal

While collecting pics and whatnot for this week's Face Off , I found myself most impressed with how well Diane Kruger has held up over the years. Girl is almost 40 now, if you can believe that. You wouldn't know it though. Just looking at her in this spread for Violet Grey magazine, I wouldn't think she was a day over 30. She looks pretty much the same as she did 12 years ago...
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Our new hottie fascination Carmella Rose is socially acceptable

I knew it was a bad idea to go snooping around the Instagram page of my new obession, Carmella Rose . Not because there's anything bad there. Quite the contrary. That place might just hold one of the few last deposits of exceptionally good things left on this planet. It's a problem of quantities with Carmella and her Instagram page. What you have on there is an endless scroll of bangable...
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