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Face Off: Rachel Weisz vs. Marion Cotillard

Like some of you, I was kinda surprised to see how thoroughly dominant Hayley Atwell was when put up against Mary Elizabeth Winstead last week. Sure, Hayley does have everything good in womanhood going for her, but MEW is no slouch there either. I expected a far closer match. Clearly I underestimated the appeal of Ms. Atwell. We've got another English hottie going up against a...
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Another old Charlotte McKinney photoshoot has less boobs, more personality

Charlotte McKinney really blew up in 2015, going from traditional blonde, big busted bikini model to name-recognized sometimes actress, "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and all around popular social media babe. So it's not surprising that there are a lot of her older photoshoots popping up lately, from that Samuel Black bikini shoot we shared last week to this set of beautiful images...
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Give thanks for another sexy holiday themed Maitland Ward photoshoot

When last we saw her, Maitland Ward was carving up some pumpkins while letting her own chest gourds hang out. For Thanksgiving, we got a whole lot of foot fetish goodness (for those who are into that sort of thing) when Maitland decided to mix her stuffing with her little piggies. Ward seems to seriously get into these themed photoshoots, so much so that she lost track of holding onto her...
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Isabelle Fuhrman, the creepy little girl from ORPHAN, grew up rather nicely

All these young kids growing up can make you feel old. Sure, back in 2009, when Isabelle Fuhrman creeped us all out in her first big role as the main character Esther in the horror film, ORPHAN, she seemed a helluva lot older than she was. And as one of the meanest tributes from THE HUNGER GAMES, Clove, she continued that arc of ass-kicking psychopath quite well. Now, with a reoccurring role...
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Flashback Friday: Jolene Blalock probably gave great Pon Farr

As part of our continuing look back on Star Trek hotties of old, we revisit the troubled legacy of Star Trek Enterprise . AKA the red-headed step child of the Trek TV franchise, due to the fact that it's the show fans love to beat up on, which is not exactly undeserved treatment. Advertised as a pre-Kirk, pre-Starfleet origin story, Enterprise ended up instead as a bizarre...
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BOTB Frankenstein Babes: Jessica Findlay Brown v Kate Beckinsale v Yvonne Strahovski

Wow, it finally happened. I didn't think the day would ever come but last week, matching up babes who are twins, it turned out that more of you preferred Eva Green over the (formerly) unbeatable Scarlett Johansson. Gisele brought in a few votes but it was the French goddess who took the title (her fraternal sister is married to an Italian count, so I doubt she's crying in her corn...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: The Hottest Female Athletes in Movies

Some folks really love an athletic woman, some not so much. Your opinion there probably depends on how you like your hotties. If you prefer them trim and tight, chances are you're all about the ladies who get up to some kind of sport, like the 6 babes we feature in this week's 6-pack collection. See which sporting honeys we picked below. Got another athletic...
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Victoria Justice and her excellent family jeans wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

I can't think of anyone better with which to sign off from our regular programming schedule for the holiday weekend than Victoria Justice , here walking somewheres with her sister and fellow hottie Madison, the both of them in a great set of tight jeans. We've had a ton of great Vicky moments this year - actually about 40 of them in total thus far. And we've got another month of 2015 to...
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Swedish girl Alicia Vikander wore a Mona Lisa smile to The Danish Girl premiere

Every year brings at least one breakout hottie to our attention. This year was without a doubt Alicia Vikander's time to shine. Creepy sleeper hit EX MACHINA introduced us to her skills as a hottie, and movies like THE DANISH GIRL, which Alicia was helping to premiere below, brought us all up to speed on her skills as an actress. She's got a lot going for her, but these pics demonstrate...
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Model Natasha Oakley makes thickness her business

Kind of unusual to see model Natasha Oakley running around a beach in a bikini without her partner in thickness Devin Brugman . The two of them quite often join forces to become the hottest pair of thick hotties ever seen on a Miami beach. Natasha seems to be accompanied by a suitor on this particular beach session, which I believe overrules the importance of maintaining any BFF...
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Carmen Electra is still capable of speeding up heart rates

I really don't know what else to say besides; Carmen Electra (43) is holding up extremely well. What else can you say? One of the biggest and well-known sexual icons from the 90s, into the early 2000's, looks friking incredible. Not one stain on those pearly white teeth; not one muscle group that isn't toned and not a single blemish on the largest organ of all – the skin....
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Try getting familiar with hottie Danielle Campbell, you might be glad you did

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that many of you have little to no familiarity with the CW show: The Originals. While it's not wise to assume, in this instance, I think it's safe. Just as many will make the safe assumption that this type of show is skewed towards the tween demographic; the ones who have a thing for sexy vampire melodrama. For the purposes of this introduction,...
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