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Esquire convinced Emilia Clarke that showing skin is always the right thing to do

Esquires is yet another periodical that saw fit to name Emilia Clarke the sexiest woman alive. The last time this was addressed I made it clear I vehemently disagree, but, if that's the excuse they needed to mitigate her flesh baring embargo; so be it. Still no straight up nudity, but there's enough of this fantasy matriarch of mythical, flying, fire-breathers to warrant a little...
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Hot or Not: Halston Sage

Last week I thought everyone would have a chance to go see KNOCK KNOCK and its, according to you, very hot star Lorenza Izzo. However, I can't find any box office numbers for the film, which still states it had an October 9th release date for theaters as well as VOD. Guess scaring up people who would believe Keanu Reeves in a horror flick is harder than I thought. Selling GOOSEBUMPS...
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W magazine stands for WTF did they do to Jessica Chastain?

Some people looking at the November 2015 issue of W magazine featuring Jessica Chastain are trying to stay positive, pointing out that there's a bit of see-through action going on in that shot of her in the yellow dress. I only want to bitch slap whomever thought that this "punk" spread was a good idea, showcasing Chastain in garish outfits and a candy apple red fake hair color that I...
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AnnaSophia Robb is the cutest recycler ever for Madewell denim donation project

While I'm sitting around waiting for AnnaSophia Robb to drop some new projects, I'm more than happy to stalk her do-gooder lifestyle. Robb has been seen building houses for Habitat for Humanity this year, as well as promoting her upcoming show "Mercy Street," co-starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and set during the Civil War. I don't know if I could do more historical stuff, with so many...
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Eastsiders hottie Brea Grant cuddles up to her kitty for new photoshoot

Have any of you been watching "Heroes Reborn"? I have to admit, I just couldn't get past the first episode, deciding to tune out until someone could convince me otherwise. It doesn't help that a number of the people I was looking forward to seeing from the original series are taking their sweet time getting around to appearing on this new version, if at all. You might remember Brea Grant as...
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Hottie Clip: Alexandra Daddario in San Andreas

One of the big DVD and Blu-ray releases this week is SAN ANDREAS, a film that really shook things up in the theater last summer, and you can't say that it wasn't our fault  (I feel your contempt). Now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home, unless you live in San Andreas, in which case, watching it may not be too comfortable. Although the film itself is...
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Who wants a Jennifer Lawrence piggyback ride?

Aziz Ansari was apparently the first to raise his hand when asked the above question. Or it could be Jennifer Lawrence simply snatched up the diminutive comedian and gave him a ride on impulse. I'm sure getting some piggyback action from Jen is a barrel of laughs, as are most things done with her. That said, my thinking, and probably most guys' thinking when it comes to the...
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Selena Gomez brought her cleavage action to the Today show

We finally got the sad confirmation from the Selena Gomez camp in the last few days concerning her Lupus infection - something that was mostly rumor up until a few days ago. That's a scary disease, no doubt about it. Your own body turns against itself, which sounds quite unpleasant. It's apparently a painful, sometimes even fatal condition that never really goes away. So bad was her state...
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Bella Thorne was her usual sexy show off self for her 18th birthday party

No big surprise that the youngest of the Thorne sisters, Bella Thorne , made the most of her admittedly show off-worthy bod for her 18th birthday bash. The premise of waiting for Bella to turn 18 before we made mention of her has always seemed something of a pointless gesture of respect to her so-called tender years. It's not like she turned of legal age and suddenly decided to reinvent...
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Miss Universe 2000 runner-up Helen Lindes could still compete

I often have a very cynical view of what happens to these professional beauty pageant contestants. I picture them spending a lot of time in $30,000 a night penthouse rooms, washing 8 balls of the purest coke down with a 400$ glass of champagne, and having some 60 year old autocrat picking up the tab. These types of nights are mirrored across a decade, until the once beautiful prospect looks...
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Halston Sage is one hot up-and-comer

There's a whole fresh crop of young sexy up-and-comers that include hotties like Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt . But for my money, Halston Sage has the best chance to move on to bigger and better things. She already has a respectable list of major motion picture she's appeared in. It includes Paper Towns, Goosebumps and Neighbors – she's the one that kisses Rose Byrne...
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Check out Renee Olsteads' huge bust because it's awesome

You'd think Sherlock Holmes would've been done to death by now. Its long history of adaptations not withstanding;  you need only look at the present to see he's still one of the most famous detectives in history. We have the awesome Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 2015's feature film, Holmes, starring Ian McKellen,  the mediocre network take called Elementary,...
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