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Jessica Alba is in excellent Shape

This has certainly been a great week for hottie magazine spreads. So many fine ladies doing their sexy thing in the folds of ephemera. Now add to that list Jessica Alba slipping back into beachwear in this month's Shape magazine. It's always an impressive sight when you can get Jess into something minimal and put her next to a body of water. Two bodies that complement each other perfectly....
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Anna Kendrick plays rough with pussy and fingers everyone in the new Esquire

Yes, I do love my puns - almost as much as I love what Anna Kendrick has been up to recently. And no, I'm not talking about PITCH PERFECT 2. Although it seems like a lot of folks were into that, to the frustration of those among us who hoped MAD MAX would blow up huge at the box office as well as on the big screen. Damn singing contest bullshit. But I suppose I can forgive Anna for screwing...
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Barbara Palvin rocks some playful red curves

I think every model on the face of the Earth was in attendance at this amfAR gala the other night. There were far too many of them to list here so we're cherry picking our favorites from among the attendees. One that has me smitten most of the time was Barbara Palvin who was showing off her somewhat more filled out figure in a tight, red, see thru number that was giving extra special...
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No matter what style she chooses, Jennette McCurdy can't hide her sex appeal

I used to go to high school with this girl named Sally Salamander (this is a fake name to protect her identity..although I guess I could've just as easily not referenced her name, too. Eh, f*ck it!). Sally Salamander would dress in a different style every day of the week. One day she'd be gothic, the next day she'd be preppy, the next day she'd dress like a slutty school girl...
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Seeing Jennifer Lopez look so sexy again has me waiting for tonight

Jennifer Lopez is kind of like Halle Berry or Catherine Zeta Jones to me. She's been around for a little while and she's one of those kinds of women that I feel everyone on the planet had a crush on at one point or another. Whether or not you still have a passionate, heated crush on the girl is totally your call, but I'm a terrible person and typically like looking at the next little...
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Alexandra Daddario on the beach puts me in the mood for some motorboating

There are few things that I'd like to do nearly as much as hang out with Alexandrea Daddario while she's feeling all happy and giddy while wearing a swimsuit. There is one side of me that's waiting to play in a bathtub full of nacho cheese with Jerry Springer, but that's for a completely different reason. No, getting to see Alexandra's magnificent breasts and body underneath a sexy swimsuit...
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Hottie Report Card: Jennette McCurdy

If you're like me and have several episodes of SAM & CAT saved on your DVR, you'll most definitely be familiar with this week's hottie student. You may be surprised to see  Jennette McCurdy  being put to the test before some of her Nickeloeon counterparts (Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies), but her consistent work as well as her brand new series make her...
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Christa B. Allen looks sweet & sexy at Elle's Women in Music event

Now that "Revenge" has come to a close, I'm really hoping that its stars will continue to get juicy work, especially Christa B. Allen , who seemed to have focused solely on her role of the spoiled rich girl, Charlotte Grayson. I don't see any other acting jobs lined up for her right now but perhaps she's going into music. The 24-year old hottie showed up to the 6th Annual Women in Music event...
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Former Heroes speedster Brea Grant slows down to snack in her undies

If you're not a fan of "Heroes," then you probably know Brea Grant from any of the many horror movies and shows she's been a part of, from HALLOWEEN 2 (the crappy Rob Zombie one) down to the show she created and starred in, "The Real Housewives of Horror." Her photographer friend Cathy Baron came over to take some intimate shots of Grant in her home, leading to...
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Alexandra Daddario hypnotizes the London crowd for San Andreas premiere

I once read a comment about Alexandra Daddario that likened her blue-eyed stare to that of the Hypno-Toad from "Futurama." Just like that cartoon amphibian bewitching the viewing audience of Fry's freeze-dried future, Daddario's wide, unblinking peepers are doing the same to movie going audiences. That, or the "True Detective" boob reveal. Depends on how many...
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Amber Heard gives us a weirdly hot Interview

It's good to see that Amber Heard isn't devoting the entirety of her hotness potential for her fiance. She clearly keeps a little reserve tank of sexy around to make happen spreads like those in this month's Interview magazine. It's also good to see her starting to inch her way back into the public life after a prolonged courting period with her guy. I suppose that's what you could call it....
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Emmanuelle Chriqui is cool up top and hot on the bottom

I've never understood this thing where women put on the thick coat while wearing nothing but leggings. What is that? Your torso is cold, but your ass and legs are just fine? How does that work? I guess the running or walking briskly around some LA neighborhood could be keeping Emmanuelle Chriqui's legs warm. That never happens to me. If I'm cold one place, I'm cold every...
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