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Hunter Haley King & her gorgeous smirk work the TV Academy Cocktail Reception

I've posted about this Hunter Haley King (her IMDB resume lists her without the Haley but I've seen other places with it, so I'm confused) before, back last year when she won a Daytime Emmy for her work on "The Young & The Restless." I have not changed my mind one single bit about her being an absolute drop dead gorgeous piece of genetic perfection. King was on hand for the TV Academy's...
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Katy Perry shows off her puppies at the Broadway premiere of Finding Neverland

Just when I thought that douchy chap from "Glee" couldn't look any douchier, Matthew Morrison grows a beard and outdouches all of the hipsters on the planet. Then again, it might be because he's trying to rock that unsettling facial rug with a tux with tails as a part of his role in "Finding Neverland," a Broadway production made more famous right now because of the illustrious and finely...
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Jenna Louise Coleman is serving up the cuteness in a waitress costume on Dr Who set

Man, Jenna Louise Coleman is making it hard on me and my non-Dr. Who watching ways. While I have no real interest in watching the time traveling BBC favorite, seeing Coleman in a tidy little blue waitress costume looking too adorbz for words is almost making me rethink my stance on the show. Perhaps what I'm really holding out for is the potential for Hayley Atwell to come on as the next...
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Exclusive: Movie Hotties photo shoot with Kacey Barnfield as a Million Dollar Baby!

Actress Kacey Barnfield has been building a name for herself over the years, starring in the TV shows Grange Hill and The Bill, as well as a slew of genre pics, including RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2, and GREEN STREET 3: NEVER BACK DOWN, with a number of projects on the way. Born in London, Kacey splits her time between her native hometown and L.A., making her way in...
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Hottie Clip: Salma Hayek in Some Kind of Beautiful

Hope you've found an empty closet to hide in, because today's clip is a doozy! Previously released on DirectTV, and recently on demand, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL stars the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba, Malcolm McDowell and most importantly (in today's case),  Salma Hayek . The film was originally titled HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISH GENTLEMEN, but...
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Time for another stroll down Hilary Duff's beautiful butt boulevard

These Hilary Duff ass shows always seem to follow the same routine. With drink and keys and credit card in hand, she first fiddles with a parking meter. She then strolls toward and past gangs of snap happy paps, keeping up a mostly amused demeanor as she goes about her business. Then she eventually makes her way back to her car and off to destinations unknown. It's a routine any of us...
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Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez have joined forces

It really wasn't a big deal that Taylor Swift invited Selena Gomez to come sing with her on a song during her big 1989 tour. All these young singers/actresses/models know and hang out with each other all the time. There's a young and famous hottie network that branches off in all sorts of directions to produce a big, complicated tree of young hotness. I suppose if you're a...
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Rachel Mortenson looks like a blonder, rounder Emily Ratajkowski

You may have noticed how these models who wear the extra slutty stuff from places like Fredericks of Hollywood seem to temporarily lose track of their genitalia while they model them. They essentially become neuter for the duration of their spread. Fascinating how that works, especially since much of what model Rachel Mortenson is wearing in these pics is designed to show off those parts of...
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Candice Swanepoel's wet cheeks for Lui Magazine

I'm always eager to see what Lui Magazine has in store for us next. They have an uncanny ability to get the hottest of the hot to expose large amounts of flesh. Some of the biggest names have, and continue to bare it all for the French periodical. By this time I think the magazine has replaced the Eiffel Tower as France's most potent symbol of virility. Candice Swanepoel (amongst...
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Jessica Burciaga's awesome curves in some down and dirty, Slickforce Girl photos

She's been around a while; showing up in music videos, as a spokes model and even as a Playboy bunny. But it took super photographer Nick Saglimbeni to bestow upon the Internet, some of the hottest photos of the curvaceous Jessica Burciaga to date. In the time of the selfie and so many photos taken with cell phones, it's refreshing to see images like these. This guy has a gift for...
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Julia Kelly marks the dawn of a new breed of sexy females

Don't stop me cause you haven't heard this one. What do you get when you mix Korean, Native American, Irish, African-American and French? A hot piece of exotic ass named Julia Kelly . I've only recently discovered the genetic anomaly that is she, but I'm glad I finally did. She's made appearances in TV shows like Scorpion , and has been in direct to video movies like The...
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BOTB Z Is For: Zendaya vs Zoey Deutch vs Zoe Kravitz

I highly doubt that Z FOR ZACHARIAH is going to be setting big box office tallies or making much of any waves on the broad landscape that is the movie universe, but it brought an interesting point to my attention. A lot of young hotties have parents unafraid of the end of the alphabet (or the apocalypse, based on everyone's ongoing love of vampires). Being a Z named gal myself (what,...
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