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TGIFs: Red, White & Blue Gifs (Exclusive)

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which means you're probably preparing your belly for a feasting, your lawn for a scorching and your nostrils for all that sulfur dioxide! As most schmoes would agree, any holiday that results in a longer weekend is one worth celebrating. Although, perhaps now more than ever, Independence Day is far too important to go by without showing our...
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Claudia Romani does a red, white and blue handstand just for you, 'Murrica!

Being from Canada, I had my own mid-week break on the 1st for our national holiday (yes, we have one too!) but I know how excited y'all down south get for some flag-waving and fireworks. So, here's my contribution to your celebrations: some smoking hot pics of model Claudia Romani doing some handstands and other beach sexy business. She's wearing a Wonder Woman bathing suit,...
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Model Mayra Veronica's 4th of July fireworks are quite a show

How are all my fellow American's planning on celebrating our nation's 239th birthday tomorrow? Me, I'm heading for the hills as we speak for copious BBQ and brews, but I thought I would take a minute and share with you an even better method model Mayra Veronica found to honor Old Glory on this, our day of independence. She's got the perfect kind of patriotic enthusiasm, don't you agree?...
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Hottie Report Card: Rhona Mitra

Okay, wolverinerpt , you requested for  Rhona Mitra   to be the next hottie student to take the chair, and so it shall be. After all, it is my duty to appease you schmoes, plus we already graded Emilia Clarke last year around this time, so there weren't very many obvious choices to go with anyway. The babe whom Lara Croft was once modeled after can...
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Hayley Atwell talks about empowerment & her big boobs in Evening Standard

I think we all have concluded that Hayley Atwell is one of the most intriguing actresses on TV right now, where she's been playing "Agent Carter" as a part of the Marvel universe. In the recent issue of Evening Standard, Atwell talked about how taking on a heroic role helped to make her feel more powerful, even if means knocking a few crewman over. "I've kicked six...
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Hannah Davis and her All-American boobies will make you say "F*ck Yeah!"

Can you believe that TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE is already 11 years old? That would have made Hannah Davis only 14 years old when the movie debuted to controversy and that ever-so-catchy theme song that we all dredge up around the Independence Day weekend. Davis is doing her part to keep us feeling as patriotic as possible with this latest set of pictures of her in various swimwear, some so...
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Hilary Duff mixes a little camel toe with her butt show

It's been a couple weeks since we had a Hilary Duff ass show to enjoy. Perhaps she sensed that we were missing that crucial element in all of our lives and that's why the singer/actress/MILF extraordinaire brought back the booty for a little pre-workout display yesterday. And just as a thank you for making her new album a hit, Hilary included some sexy camel toe for her fans and salivating...
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Emmanuelle Chriqui has smiles and styles in abundance

This summer is being particularly brutal with movies in contention for the almighty box office take. Those films proving to be unworthy are disappearing from top 10 rankings faster this year than I've ever seen before. Case in point is the ENTOURAGE movie, which most folks had already decided was shit even before it premiered. That's probably the reason for it's rapid booting out of the top...
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Even a dressy Ronda Rousey looks like she could hand you your ass

I have a whole series of thoughts and feelings that come to mind when presented with images of Ronda Rousey . I'm not much for the women with the extremely ripped bodies. The manlier they look, the less interest I have. Call me conventional, but I like for a woman to look like a woman. Ronda is right on the cusp of being out of bounds for me, though at this point I'm still down with her. Girl...
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Hottie Clip: Ashley Greene in Staten Island Summer

You can't make a coming-of-age, teen-sex-comedy without having it take place at a summer pool hang-out. Apparently this has become some sort of rule ever since THE WAY WAY BACK and THE TO DO LIST, and now the tradition continues in STATEN ISLAND SUMMER . From "Saturday Night Live" director Rhys Thomas, this little flick shows some promise with its cast of fresh new...
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Josephine Skriver tries on some sexy urban poolside outfits

We featured this hot young model, Josephine Skriver, on the site the other week, but a photo set for Urban Outfitters was just released so we can’t deny you of that! God, she is hot. I wish I were an inflatable pool toy, so she could straddle me all day while pressing her firm breasts up against me as we floated around in a sea of our own love. I’m becoming a very big fan of...
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Ahoy, mateys! It's your fav person, Kim Kardashian on the cover of Rolling Stone!

Bow down to our queen and Earth’s mighty savior, Kim Kardashian ! Bow down at the altar of her magnificent cleavage, as her mountainous boobs greet us from the cover of one of the world’s most revered publications! Feed the Kardashian monster, it needs your hate to keep growing! Without hate and jealousy, the Kardashians would begin to disintegrate from our universal timeline...
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