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Amy Schumer is back and she brought a friend we all know and love in a tiny bikini

I know so many of you will be overjoyed that Amy Schumer has a new set of photos in this month's Empire magazine, where the TRAINWRECK star revisits some scenes from Madonna's old Sex book from the 90s. I know when you think of Amy, the first thought that comes to mind are kinky black & white explorations of taboo sexual scenarios with multiple partners. Amy has her fair share of haters,...
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Lauren Cohan's boobs are ready to explode in the pages of Imagista

It occurred to me the other day that we're now on the cusp of August, yet we've not had a single post on the sexy Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan all year. How the hell is that possible? I don't know, but clearly this gross oversight needs to be rectified. Enter Imagista magazine and their reader poll to see which of these pics of Lauren shall be the cover of their new printed edition....
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Orange you glad to be getting more of Bryce Dallas Howard's dino adventures?

One of the most shocking pieces of information I've received in recent weeks was that they have multiple sequels to monster hit JURASSIC WORLD in the works. What? You're saying one of the more potent combinations of box office records and pop culture nostalgia impetuses ever seen is poised for more of Hollywood's favorite way to cash in? I can't believe it. Okay, sarcasm mode off. This...
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Kendall Jenner inserting something into anything is worth a peek

I don't know much about Kendall Jenner except that trying to follow her family tree is as confusing as looking at a car wreck through a kaleidoscope. In some way she is related to those Kardashians , but you'd never know that based on her physical attributes. The dark hair and caramel complexion not withstanding, the lack of - shall we say voluptuousness - is a glaring difference....
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The sexy Kathleen Robertson is another hottie for a good cause

I know what some of you are thinking; you're thinking that while she is attractive, these particular photos of Kathleen Robertson are slightly vanilla. I can't help it, because every time I come across images of her my admiration comes rushing back and the blood flow rushes south. Not only because she consistently looks half her age, but I'm also a sucker for the thick rims....
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A sexy smile and tight jeans is all Emmanuelle Chriqui needs to save California

I always tuned into Entourage hoping this would be the episode Emmanuelle Chriqui would bare it all, or at least something. Surely HBO would throw in a shower scene or softcore romp with E right? To my recollection this never came to pass. The only thing I can recall is a little side boob when a threesome was about to commence, and a some candid speak about taking it prison style....
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Hottie Report Card: Elizabeth Gillies

A handful of you probably just sighed over the fact that old Prof. Crumb is inducting yet another student from the Nickelodeon universe into the Hottie Class of 2015. That's understandable, but as the producers who remade VACATION would respond to the public's outcry, "too bad". Besides, I trust that the lot of you are totally fine with ogling some pictures of...
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Ashley Greene wants to clean your filthy drawers, Mister

I feel as if we haven't seen much of Ashley Greene since she first started making waves as one of the Cullen family of vegan vampires in the TWILIGHT series. We used to feature her on every red carpet and special event that the franchise was tied to. Some have fared particularly well since those movies came to an end, namely Anna Kendrick, who had a more minor role. But Ashley looks...
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Danica McKellar proves she's a Hallmark of hotness for 2015 Summer TCA

I want a reboot of "The Wonder Years." I figure if they can do it with "Boy Meets World" and fast forward to a future where Cory and Topanga are successful adults to teenaged children, why can't they do it with Winnie & Kevin? Oh, that's right. The elder Savage and the grew-to-be-insanely-beautiful Danica McKellar were on a 1980's television show that was set in the 1960's. So they'd have...
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Renee Olstead werked the smirk at American's Next Top Model 22 party

Luckily for me, my sister is a huge America's Next Top Model fan. It doesn't sound like a lucky thing but when you figure that she does the watching and provides me with only the funniest of synopses for the episodes, it makes me very lucky indeed. One thing I never understood about the show, which features a bevy of beauties vying to get a huge modeling contract so they can go on to...
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Hottie Clip: Victoria Silvstedt in Boat Trip

With sans National Lampoon  VACATION already out in theaters, and a certain action-packed Tom Cruise  movie on the horizon, why not check out a clip from the movie BOAT TRIP? As stupid of an excuse as it may be, that's the only one I could come up with on such short notice. Besides, it's not like you need an excuse for ogling a Swedish former...
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Krysten Ritter is black and white brilliance

Krysten Ritter and Netflix are getting ready to premiere their next Marvel series for you comic fans to binge on in a few months. I hear this is going to be a regular thing now. Every 6 months will bring a new season of one Marvel series or another. Could be epic. Or it could be overkill. I suppose it all depends on whether they can keep up the quality. The next show to debut is Jessica...
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