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Horror Whores: American Mary (2012)

One criminally underrated horror hottie is the gorgeous Katharine Isabelle. Personally the first role of Isabelle's to come to mind will always be the slut in FREDDY VS. JASON. Let's face it, there always has to be a slut - and Isabelle fits the bill perfectly! These are Horror WHORES we're talking about here people. And what is the next step down from whore? Stripper of course! So for...
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The sexy-sadistic doc of American Mary strikes a pose in this new pic!

Only a day after announcing a planned Fall 2013 release, XLrator has published a fresh photo from indie horror hit AMERICAN MARY . The flick, from the beautiful and damned Soska Twins, looks like a dose of medical horror at its unhealthiest. Some seriously sick shite! Also featuring Antonio Cupo (“Bomb Girls”), Tristan Risk, David Lovgren and Paula Lindberg: AMERICAN...
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