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Blood flows in red-band trailer for Argento's Dracula

When I wrote about IFC's first trailer for ARGENTO'S DRACULA , I lamented the lack of a giant CG praying mantis, as well as the all-out craziness that we had come to expect from the promo trailers for this delirious flick. Well, thankfully, the distributor has given us a new red-band trailer which contains plenty of WTF?! moments, so prepare to laugh yourself silly. (Really now, why...
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Argento's Dracula gets a new trailer via IFC Midnight

Unfortunately, there are no giant praying mantises in the new trailer for ARGENTO'S DRACULA , which is odd, since that wacky insect makes an impression on the last one-sheet released for the film. No, this trailer is definitely a little more straight-forward than the hilariously bizarre promos we caught back in 2011 , which I guess isn't a surprise considering IFC Midnight...
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Argento's Dracula bites into some new stills

Now that we know IFC plans to release ARGENTO'S DRACULA on October 4th, both in select theaters and on cable and VOD, under their IFC Midnight banner, it's time to take a peek at some bloody new stills! Below you will find a handful of some pretty cool imagery for the flick, and while this one seems to be pointing towards the disappointing side of things, the new pics are...
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