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Katia Winter gets haunted in Eduardo Rodriguez's Unwanted

Katia Winter, who played Nadia on Dexter and Katrina Crane on Sleepy Hollow, has continued to work in the horror/thriller genre by taking the lead role in director Eduardo Rodriguez's UNWANTED . Zach Avery and newcomer Ashley Jones join Winter in the cast of the film, which was written by Andrew Wong. The story:  After the premature death of her estranged husband,...
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Horror Whores: "True Blood" (2009)

You don't have to look hard in HBO's "True Blood" series to find a clip worthy enough to be featured in our Horror Whores. Heck we've already showed you several! Today we revisit the vampire drama for yet another Horror Whores, this time featuring the gorgeous Ashley Jones. In the scene Jones (as Daphne) teases a confused Sam Trammell (as Sam Merlotte) by stripping down and taking a dip...
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