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Dissecting: Killer Santa Billy (Silent Night, Deadly Night)

BILLY THE KILLER SANTA FROM SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT!! From all of us here at Arrow in the Head, here's wishing all you guys and ghouls a very-merry-scary Christmas and upcoming Happy new year. Be safe, be civil, be motherf*cking drunk! Now, with those priceless pearls of wisdom out of the way, on to this week's yuletide Dissection. But instead of...
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Face-Off: Billy's calls (Black Christmas) Vs. Ghostface's calls (Scream)

I thoroughly enjoyed the feedback I got with our last Face-Off . You guys seemed to enjoy the "girl exorcism" theme and I believe the final resulted in a tie. So I guess that Face-Off remains firmly stuck in between Heaven and Hell. Today, we are trying something a little new and different with our latest Face-Off. With the hope of tying it in to something current and scary, I drew...
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