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Where in the Horror are they now? Bridget Fonda!

BRIDGET FONDA THEN : The past couple of weeks Iíve taken a little time to revisit movies that happen to be on cable. I guess itís kind of the old-fashioned way of just channel surfing to see what comes up, as opposed to just streaming or what have you. Three of the movies I enjoyed had an old crush of mine. First there was LAKE PLACID, and then it was SINGLE WHITE...
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Scream Factory's Lake Placid Blu-ray details

Back in February we got a look at Scream Factory’s Blu-ray cover art for Steve Miner’s LAKE PLACID , and today we finally got our hands on all the details you’ll ever need to know about its upcoming release. Read on for all the goods! On July 8, 2014, Scream Factory will unleash LAKE PLACID COLLECTOR’S EDITION Blu-ray, featuring insightful bonus content and...
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Scream Factory reveals cool Lake Placid Blu-ray art

Last month we passed along the news that Scream Factory was giving Steve Miner's horror-comedy LAKE PLACID , and today we're passing along the key art for the Blu-ray, which you can see below. The original poster art will be on the reverse side of the wrap, as is the case with most Scream Factory releases. The special features haven't been announced yet and probably won't be...
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Lake Placid Blu-ray coming, courtesy of Scream Factory

Can't say this is the most obvious choice for the Scream Factory treatment, but who am I to argue with the best genre distributor in the business? The company has announced that Steve Miner's LAKE PLACID will be receiving their special brand of love this summer. It's early yet, so Scream hasn't announced any special features or revealed the key art, although they did say the...
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