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Russian banner for I, Frankenstein strikes a monstrous pose

Yesterday we brought you the first TV spot for Stuart Beattie’s upcoming I, FRANKENSTEIN, which stars Aaron Eckhart as Doc Frankenstein’s creation Adam as he takes on some monstrous baddies in an effort to discover the secret to his immortality. While I’m am yet to be completely sold on this one (getting some bad VAN HELSING vibes from everything we’ve seen so...
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Here's the first TV spot for Aaron Eckhart-starring I, Frankenstein

If you didn't check out the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" last night, not only did you miss one hell of an exciting and heartbreaking episode of the hit AMC series, but you also missed the first TV spot for Stuart Beattie's upcoming I, FRANKENSTEIN. No worries, though...we've got it for you to check out below! Set in a dystopic present where...
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New poster arrives for I, Frankenstein

We're still quite a ways away from the release of Lionsgate's upcoming I, FRANKENSTEIN , but for those of you looking forward to the Aaron Eckhart-starring thriller there's a new one-sheet to tide you over. Unfortunately, I don't have much of confidence for this one, and this new poster isn't helping. That being said, anything is better than a few giant floating...
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