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Where in the Horror are they Now? Kelly Jo Minter!

KELLY JO MINTER THEN : One of my favorite movies back when I was a kid was a silly little comedy I caught on cable called SUMMER SCHOOL. This 1987 flick was freaking awesome in every single way. Now you may be saying, “Well JimmyO, this website isn’t about comedy so what the f*ck are you talking about SUMMER SCHOOL for.” To that I’d respond...
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Dissecting Director Abel Ferrara!

DIRECTOR ABEL FERRARA! Buy THE DRILLER KILLER here Abel Ferrara has made some gritty ass movies. To my mind, dude's not only a unheralded writer/director, his career choices and unwillingness to compromise artistically really ought to be commended. It's almost as if he's a low-grade Cassavetes - or a B-movie auteur - operating completely...
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