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Byzantium Blu-ray/DVD release details

Those of you looking forward to Neil Jordan's return to the vampire genre with BYZANTIUM will be happy to know that the flick is headed for shelves this October. It's really a great film and an solid addition to the genre that I think a lot of people are going to dig. Jordan's work behind the camera is absolutely masterful as he tells a classic tale of what it's like...
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Exclusive: Bloody new clip from Neil Jordan's Byzantium, in theaters today

Earlier this morning we dropped our very own JimmyO's review of Neil Jordan's BYZANTIUM on you (read it HERE ), and now we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the lush vampire tale starring Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan for you to check out below. We've been keeping close tabs on Jordan's BYZANTIUM for a while, giving you a look at two clips from the film back in...
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New Byzantium clip stays 16 forever

While Neil Jordan's vampire tale BYZANTIUM is currently in UK cinemas the film is still a few weeks shy of opening in the States on June 28th so with that we've got another clip for you guys to dig on. The latest clip explores one of my favorite elements behind vampires and how they stay the same age forever. It's a fantastic clip and definitely looks like a great moment...
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