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Trailer and DVD artwork for Unidentified is here to abduct you

The DVD artwork and a trailer have arrived for Jason Richard Miller's latest project for Dark Sky Films, the found footage sci-fi thriller/comedy UNIDENTIFIED, and we've got all the details for ya below! We've been keeping our eye to the sky for news regarding UNIDENTIFIED ever since Dark Sky Films announced that they would be producing and distributing UNIDENTIFIED way...
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Jason R. Miller's Unidentified beams up a new poster

In November of last year we shared the news that Dark Sky Films had announced that they would be producing and distributing UNIDENTIFIED, a sci-fi thriller written and directed by Jason R. Miller, based on a story by Eddie Mui, Parry Shen and Jason R. Miller. UNIDENTIFIED marked the feature directorial debut of Jason R. Miller, co-producer and second unit director of the horror films...
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Take a nightmarish trip to Lost Lake

We just got word about director Marcus Nash's latest foray into horror, the chilling-sounding LOST LAKE, which is now available to view on Amazon Instant , iTunes and Google Play.  Starring Ezra Buzzington (from THE HILLS HAVE EYES ), Katie Keene, John Shartzer and Pat McNeely, LOST LAKE centers on... A terrifying dream sends Tricia and her fiancée Jeff on a harrowing...
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Image Entertainment invites you Home Sweet Home in June

Not to be confused with the other film with the same title (which we just told ya about HERE ), director John KD Graham's home invasion shocker HOME SWEET HOME will be hitting DVD June 4 from Image Entertainment. Starring Alexandra Boylan, Christopher Dempsey, Raquel Cantu and Lorena Segura York, HOME SWEET HOME is about: Gwen Stevens (Boylan) is at a crossroads in her life and...
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