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Review: My Amityville Horror

PLOT : Daniel Lutz was only ten-years-old when he and his family notoriously fled the house on 112 Ocean Avenue in what is known as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. In this documentary, filmmaker Eric Walter spends time with the now older Lutz who has a family of his own. Still haunted by his childhood, he talks candidly about the nightmare. REVIEW : THE AMITYVILLE HORROR terrified me in my...
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Official trailer for My Amityville Horror asks questions

With IFC Films recently announcing a March 15th limited theatrical and VOD release we now have an official trailer for the haunted house documentary from director Eric Walter. I love this trailer, and whether you believe what Daniel Lutz is saying to be true or not, it's still a fascinating looking film that sheds new light on one of the most famous haunted house stories in the world. For...
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