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Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's Spider Baby and Revenge of the Creature posters

Today, Mondo announced that the first two horror posters they'll be releasing for the month of October are SPIDER BABY and REVENGE OF THE CREATURE! The SPIDER BABY print was done by artist Ghoulish Gary Pullin who never disappoints, and Morning Breath's take on REVENGE OF THE CREATURE is pretty awesome as well because it captures that old school flair of the 1950's....
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Cool Horror Gear: Mondo takes on Hitchcock

Tomorrow on August 13th, Mondo will be celebrating the birthday of one of cinemas most important directors, Alfred Hitchcock, with the release of three new posters for a couple of his most iconic films. First up, you'll see Tomer Hanuka's haunting PSYCHO poster that gives us a peak through the bathroom door to see Norman cleaning up his mess — in it we see the...
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