Laid to Rest 3 to be one of the goriest movies ever; shoots this December

I'm just going to come right out and say that I have not seen any of the LAID TO REST flicks. Nothing against them, they just haven't reached the top of my ever-expanding list of must-see horror movies. Regardless of what I think - or don't think - of the series, it looks like the adventures of ChromeSkull have been popular enough with the masses that a third...
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Necessary Evil: An actually scary Nature Horror Movie

Hello, my horror-ites! Hope your 2016 so far has been a scream! Our last New Yearís Eve† Necessary Evil definitely started 2016 off on a fun, creepy note so letís keep this bus barreling forward! Did any of you happen to catch The Forest †this past weekend? From the box office numbers, Iím guessing not, which is fine because word is the flick sucks. Of course this got...
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Face-Off: Chopping Mall Vs. Deadly Friend

There was little to no doubt that the proper winner was crowned in our last Face-Off . Indeed, Fright Night does seem to reign supreme as one of the best horror/comedy vampire films ever and bested Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie). Thankfully, readers were still kind enough to show some love toward the Buffster's underrated and fun first outing. Still, Peter Vincent would not be...
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Original Vs. Remake: The Fly

I was a little pissed that our last Original Vs. Remake ended in a tie, but as luck would have it, the readers weren't put off at all. We got many cool responses in regards to both versions of The Town That Dreaded Sundown. The meta remake actually did get a good amount of well-deserved love. It really is a solid slasher entry and the original was a very creative starting point....
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Face-Off: 30 Days of Night Vs. Dead Snow

We all had some silly holiday fun with our last Face-Off . The killer snowman Jack Frost defeated the killer Santa Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night just in time to score some tasty milk and cookies. Now, the holidays are over, which can be pretty depressing... however horror is the perfect cure! Plus, it's still wintertime which can produce some nice snowy action. In fact, it is...
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Holiday Face-Off: Black X-Mas Vs. Silent Night

I was glad to see that everyone enjoyed our last Thanksgiving-themed Face-Off that found Freddy Krueger to be the better guest fpr turkey dinner over Pinhead. Gobble Gobble Ghee! For today's Face-Off, we are jumping right into the very next holiday on the horizon! Yes, Christmas time is upon us, which means all the classic horror holiday flicks have been bumped up to the regular...
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Original Vs. Remake: The Fog

The majority obviously agreed, some even laughably, with the king of our last Halloween seasoned Original Vs. Remake , which had John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN making Rob Zombie's redo its bitch. Yes, the 1978 original was the clear choice, yet some still had to make it known that Zombie's version wasn't a total shitfest (like his sequel). I'm cool with that. For today's O vs. R, we are...
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Original Vs. Remake: Mother's Day

We had a very strong agreement with the outcome of our last Original Vs. Remake involving Friday the 13th. Clearly the original was indeed the better flick, however I think it's safe to say that Julianna Guill can be considered a horror hottie legend by her performance in the remake. Nothing wrong with that! Now for today's O vs. R, we are delving into a pair of films based on an...
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Face-Off: Leprechaun in Space Vs. Jason X

Well, slap me in the face with a machete! Our faithful AITH readers seemed to have a blast with our last Friday the 13th Face-Off ! People were very passionate about expressing their love for Parts VI and VII. I was a little surprised at the amount of love thrown towards part VII because to me it really comes off as a poorly conceived piece of crap, especially when compared to the...
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Face-Off: Friday the 13th Part VI Vs. Friday the 13th Part VII

Well, holy hand grenade! I sure was blown away by the number of readers that disagreed with our last Face-Off ! Everyone thought that The Descent should have bested Pitch Black and you know what? I totally agree with ya! The Descent is one of my faves, yet if you look at the categorical comparison, it still makes sense how Pitch scored the upset. Regardless, it was fun reading all the...
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Face-Off: 28 Days Later Vs. Dawn of the Dead (remake)

I had a pretty good inkling that we all would agree with the victor of our last Face-Off , which highlighted two gorgeous, often bikini-clad horror hotties of summer. The beauty of Katrina Bowden was no match for the bodaciousness of Kelly Brook. Regardless, I think everyone had a happily horny time! Today's Face-Off kinda came as a no-brainer with Mr. Brad Pitt's WORLD WAR Z opening...
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Face-Off: Wolf Creek Vs. The Hills Have Eyes '06

I enjoyed hearing some love thrown towards Eli Roth's Hostel flicks on our last Face-Off . Although part 1 did come out as the winner, a lot of praise was still handed down to the under-appreciated sequel. Today we are stretching our bounds for current horror inspiration by taking a cue from the independent survival horror flick, Black Rock, that will probably be opening in about three...
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