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Anchor Bay Canada picks up Septic Man, Ejecta, and Hellmouth

Anchor Bay Canada was pretty damn busy today as they have announced the acquisition of three new exciting genre films from Foresight Features penned by Tony Burgess for distribution in the Canadian home entertainment market. Read on for all the details regarding each of these horror titles! In SEPTIC MAN , pictured above, an erstwhile plumber undergoes a hideous transformation...
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Writer and star of Pontypool to enter the Hellmouth

Foresight Features, the studio behind MONSTER BRAWL and EXIT HUMANITY, has teamed up with acclaimed writer Tony Burgess (PONTYPOOL) for a 1950's style throwback entitled HELLMOUTH, starring PONTYPOOL's Stephen McHattie and directed by John Geddes (EXIT HUMANITY). While not much is known about the plot at the moment, McHattie will play a dying grave keeper who is forced to take one...
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