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Peep this new clip from Aussie sci-fi mind-bender Crawlspace

Coinciding with is theatrical and VOD drop today, Twitch has issued a new clip from Justin Dix's Australian sci-fi mind-scrambler CRAWLSPACE . Scope that sumbitch out below! With Peta Sergeant (below), Nicholas Bell, David Whiteley, Amber Clayton and Eddie Baroo in the cast - CRAWLSPACE finds: Deep in the heart of the unforgiving Australian desert lies Pine Gap, a top-secret...
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Aussie sci-fi thriller Crawlspace gets multi-platform January release

Back in October word dropped that IFC Midnight landed U.S. distribution rights to CRAWLSPACE , Justin Dix's sci-fi thriller. At the time, all we knew of was a native release for the Aussie effort, but now, we have an exact date for when the shite will land here in the states... CRAWLSPACE will be available in select theaters, on IFC Midnight Cable VOD & Digital Outlets...
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