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Trailer takes you into the heart of Clowntown

Last month, we learned that the North American distribution rights to director Tom Nagel's CLOWNTOWN had been acquired by ITN Distribution, with the plan being to release the film into theatres on September 30 th. A VOD release will follow on October 4 th. With CLOWNTOWN set to hit the screen in just over four weeks, a trailer has arrived online...
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Danielle Harris is out of time in the Inoperable trailer

It was less than five months ago that we heard director Christopher Lawrence Chapman's INOPERABLE was about to go into production with scream queen Danielle Harris in the lead role, and now we already have a trailer for the film to check out. Written by Chapman and Jeff Miller, INOPERABLE tells the story of  a young woman in a seemingly evacuated hospital with...
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Danielle Harris finds that fear is Inoperable

Danielle Harris (pictured above in SEE NO EVIL 2 ) has been a scream queen since 1988 and nearly thirty years since first appearing in the horror genre in HALLOWEEN 4 shows no sign that she has any intention of leaving the genre behind. This month, she'll be stepping in front of cameras as the star of director Christopher Lawrence Chapman's INOPERABLE . Chapman wrote the...
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Keith David plays dangerous games in Union Furnace trailer and clip

Director Nicholas Bushman's psychological thriller UNION FURNACE will be released in select theatres and on Vimeo On Demand next Friday, July 17th, and in anticipation of this we have a look at the film's trailer, as well as clip featuring the great Keith David. David is joined in the cast by Mike Dwyer (who co-wrote the screenplay with Bushman), Seth Hammond, Katie...
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Take a nightmarish trip to Lost Lake

We just got word about director Marcus Nash's latest foray into horror, the chilling-sounding LOST LAKE, which is now available to view on Amazon Instant , iTunes and Google Play.  Starring Ezra Buzzington (from THE HILLS HAVE EYES ), Katie Keene, John Shartzer and Pat McNeely, LOST LAKE centers on... A terrifying dream sends Tricia and her fiancée Jeff on a harrowing...
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