Kite (Fantasia Review)

  PLOT: A young assassin (India Eisley) tries to avenge her parents by killing-off the minions of a flesh-merchant called The Emir. With the help of a renegade cop ( Samuel L. Jackson ) she gets close to her target only to discover that her true enemy may not be who she thinks. REVIEW: There are bad movies, and then there are bad movies. To give you an idea...
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New trailer & release date for Kite, starring Samuel L. Jackson

At the beginning of the year we brought you the first trailer for Ralph Ziman's adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu's anime KITE, later learning that Anchor Bay had scooped up U.S. and Canadian rights to the revenge thriller. Today we have a brand new trailer as well as the details on when you can expect to finally check this one out.  Starring Samuel L. Jackson, India...
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Samuel L. Jackson-starring Kite acquired by Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay has taken U.S. and Canadian rights to KITE , the live-action adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu's popular Japanese anime. Samuel L. Jackson,, India Eisley and Callan McAuliffe star in the Ralph Ziman-directed film, which the distributor will release later this year. KITE takes place in a ...a grim dystopia in which a crooked security force profits from the sexual...
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Four clips from futuristic thriller Kite starring Samuel L. Jackson!

Just yesterday we brought you the first trailer for the futuristic revenge thriller KITE , starring Samuel L. Jackson and India Eisley. Today we're serving up some additional looks at the Ralph Ziman film in the form of four fresh clips. I can't say I'm really "into" the atmosphere of this flick, but we'll wait and see how the final product turns out. Based on the comic by...
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First trailer for Samuel L. Jackson-starring revenge thriller Kite

Way back in September of 2011 we alerted you to an adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu's anime KITE that, at the time, was set to be helmed by SNAKES ON A PLANE and SHARK NIGHT 3D director David R. Ellis. Unfortunately Ellis passed away early last year (tomorrow will mark one year since his passing) so screenwriter Ralph Ziman took up the directing duties on the Samuel L....
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