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Stranger Things' Rebecca Thomas to direct James Wan's Malignant

James Wan's breakthrough film SAW centered on a man who became the modern horror icon Jigsaw after being diagnosed with cancer. His Boom! Studios comic book Malignant Man, which he wrote with Michael Alan Nelson, also centers on a man who has a malignant tumor... but this story takes that idea in a very different direction than the story of Jigsaw. The "malignant...
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Trailer for Malignant starring Brad Dourif is here to experiment on you

The doctor is here to see you… Bad news, though: the doctor is Brad Dourif! Dourif stars as a crazed doc with a penchant for experimenting on human subjects in MALIGNANT , the new horror film from Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley (DARK REMAINS). We've got an official trailer for the flick to share; peep it below the official synopsis: A grieving man, Allex (GARY...
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