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Teeth director's Angelica, starring Jena Malone, creeps closer

I absolutely loved writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein's 2007 feature debut TEETH , a horror/comedy about vagina dentata. While rewatching the film recently, I was baffled by the realization that we have barely heard from Lichtenstein since; the only movie he has made in the interim has been the 2009 dramedy HAPPY TEARS, while in a perfect world TEETH would have launched him into...
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Face-Off: Hard Candy Vs. Teeth

We were all happy to say "Cheers" to Mr. Tom Atkins in our last Face-Off and celebrate two of his greatest, hard-drinkin characters from Halloween III and Night of the Creeps. Sure, one of them got the victory, but all that matters is that Atkins himself is always the real winner! Thrill me! Today's Face-Off is partially inspired by the current hit horror film It Follows...
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Eerie trailer for Mitchell Lichtenstein's Angelica, starring Jena Malone

If you're a fan of Victorian-era gothic horror then we've got a treat for you. THR has unveiled the first trailer for TEETH director Mitchell Lichtenstein's ANGELICA, and it's an eerie one indeed. Featuring atmospheric production design courtesy of Oscar-winner Luciana Arrighi (SENSE AND SENSABILITY) as well as some interesting camera work from Oscar nominated...
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Jena Malone set to star in supernatural ghost story Angelica for Teeth director

Jena Malone has signed on to star in the Victorian ghost story ANGELICA , which comes from TEETH director Mitchell Lichtenstein. The tale is spun from author Arthur Phillips' 2007 novel of the same name, about a family that experiences a "sexual" ghostly presence inside their home. That has got to make for some awkward dinnertime conversation. Here's the full description...
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