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Face-Off: Forbidden World vs. Creature

Coming to theatres this weekend is director Daniel Espinosa's LIFE, a film that is obviously inspired by the 1979 sci-fi horror classic ALIEN. There have been many films released over the decades that ALIEN had a clear and direct influence on, beginning with a flood of such films that hit soon after the movie's release. Audiences were given lots of rip-offs and cash-ins to help pass the seven...
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Original Vs. Remake: The Hills Have Eyes

Hello, my fiendish friends! And welcome to a brand new column we are trying out here at AITH! It's Horror Originals Vs. the Remakes and it's very similar to the Face-Off column we already run. Now, it is true that many horror remakes really piss us off by basically pissing all over the original. However, sometimes, a remake comes along that gets it right in the updating department. This is the...
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Check out this killer VFX test for mutant wasp flick Stung

Yesterday brought us the news that genre fave Lance Henriksen, Peter Stormare (BAD MILO), Jessica Cook ("Mistresses") and Matt O'Leary (MOTHER'S DAY) have all joined the cast of XYZ Films' giant mutant insect horror film STUNG and today we have a very cool look at what we could expect to see from the film with a VFX test sequence. Benni Diez is set to direct...
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Henricksen, Stormare and others join mutant wasp flick Stung

In October of last year we told you that XYZ Films would be prepping the giant mutant insect horror-comedy STUNG and now, almost 10 months later, it seems the project is gaining some traction as genre fave Lance Henriksen, Peter Stormare (BAD MILO), Jessica Cook ("Mistresses") and Matt O'Leary (MOTHER'S DAY) have all joined the cast. Benni Diez is set to direct...
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Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams joins We Are Monsters

Arya Stark is taking a break from navigating Westeros to save the world. Translated: actress Maisie Williams, who plays the plucky Arya on HBO's "Game of Thrones", has signed on to play the lead in the apocalyptic thriller WE ARE MONSTERS . Production company Movie Mogul Ltd. made the announcement just the other day. The brief plot synopsis: Lorna Thompson, a lonely suburban...
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