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Cast and crew assemble for Carrie screening to benefit cancer center

The 40th anniversary of Brian De Palma's classic Stephen King adaptation CARRIE is an occasion well worth celebrating, and if there happens to be an anniversary screening in your vicinity this year that would definitely be something worth attending. Fans in the Los Angeles area will have the chance to go to an event that sounds mind-blowingly cool - Scream Factory, who will...
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Original Vs. Remake: RoboCop

The commenters agreed with the House in regard to our last Original Vs. Remake which had the House on Sorority Row besting its poorly conceived, but hot-chick-loaded remake. I liked seeing that many had actually heard of the original because it really is a piece of well-made 80's horror. We are rolling out with a robotic theme for today's O vs. R, keeping up with the whole CHAPPIE...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Nancy Allen!

NANCY ALLEN THEN : Itís hard to say when Nancy Allen first became a part of my childhood. One thing I knew is that I had special feelings every single time I saw the actress on screen, even when she was the bad girl. And what a bad girl she was! The question is where do I start when talking about one of the most influential ladies in horror? From her work with...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Robocop remake trailer! I am not buying that for a dollar!

Like it or not, in this day and age remakes have become the norm in Hollywood. When we look back at movies that inspired, entertained and provoked some serious discussion you can guarantee that some studio somewhere has set their sights on bringing it back for a modern audience. Nearly every single day we are hearing about another classic with a fresh coat of paint and some groovy new...
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Brian de Palma's Dressed to Kill coming to UK Blu-Ray uncut; new trailer for release

Our friends across the pond are in for a real treat next week as Brian de Palma's classic erotic thriller DRESSED TO KILL is set to hit UK Blu-Ray in an uncut edition for the very first time from Arrow Video on July 29, and today we have a cool new trailer for the release as well as the specs for the disc. Starring legendary British actor Michael Caine (GET CARTER)...
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