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Interview: Director Mariano Baino talks Lovecraftian horror film Dark Waters

ORDER YOUR COPY HERE! Sorry to be blunt, but want to see something really f*cked up? If so, you'd be wise to check out Mariano Baino's bizarre, nightmarish "nunsploitation" flick DARK WATERS , which was originally released in 1994 but has just recently received a stellar Blu-ray restoration courtesy of Severin Films. This movie has it all: crazed nuns, Lovecraftian monsters,...
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Hop into horror with this NSFW trailer for Easter Casket

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. Only instead of Easter eggs this trail is filled with demons, bunnies, nudity, sex, violence, nuns, school girls, naughty priests, and some truly deranged humor. Filmmaker Dustin Mills (the guy behind ZOMBIE A-HOLE and THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE) is back at it, this time delivering an Easter-themed tongue-in-cheek horror film...
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