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You make a good box set, boy: Phantasm series getting 6-disc Blu-Ray release

2016 was a good year for PHANTASM , which was re-released in theaters, remastered in glorious 4K, in conjunction with the release of the newest entry, the long-awaited PHANTASM: RAVAGER. Well, it looks like 2017 is going to be a good year for the entire  franchise , which will be receiving a six-disc Blu-Ray set on March 28, 2017 . The set will include all five films...
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Face-Off: Phantasm Vs. Phantasm II

Everyone was in happy, horny agreement with the result of our last sexy lethal sci-fi lady Face-Off . Leeloo was no match for the deadly curves of Sil as the Species alien was number one in our hearts (and other organs). Today's Face-Off is coming at ya as a result of all this news we've been hearing about Phantasm V . Of course, whenever any true horror fan hears the word...
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Dissecting Actor Angus Scrimm!

ANGUS SCRIMM! Turing 88 years old this August, Angus Scrimm is one of the oldest living-legends in the world of horror cinema. Rightfully so. Born Lawrence Guy, Scrimm has steadily graced the genre since 1972 after making his screen debut in Curtis Hanson's first feature SWEET KILL. In the four subsequent decades, Scrimm has made a living playing seedy and sordid...
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Scream Factory's Blu-rays of Phantasm II and From Beyond get street dates!

Scream Factory continues their streak of excellence in the spring with brand new Blu-ray/DVD editions of the cult classics PHANTASM II and FROM BEYOND . The company has just announced the street dates for both discs, although unfortunately there is still no word on the special features. Knowing the Scream Factory, however, I'd be willing to bet that these suckers are packed....
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