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David Hackl's Into the Grizzly Maze attacking theaters in June

David Hackl's killer bear flick has gone through several title changes, from RED MACHINE, to ENDANGERED, to GRIZZLY , and now it seems that Sony has settled on INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE as the film is set to finally hit theaters on June 26, according to NY Daily News. Penned by Jack Reher, the film stars James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn,...
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First trailer & new poster for Grizzly, starring Billy Bob Thornton

After going through two title changes and still not having a release date, David Hackl's GRIZZLY (formerly known as RED MACHINE and ENDANGERED) has unveiled its first trailer as well as a new alternate poster. Starring Billy Bob Thornton, James Marsden, Thomas Jane and Piper Perabo, the flick comes at us from SAW V director David Hackl. Jack Reher penned the script....
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A bear is on the attack and Billy Bob is bloody in first Endangered stills

ENDANGERED , formerly known as RED MACHINE, is the killer grizzly bear flick we've been waiting a while for. (Or maybe our whole lives for?) Starring Billy Bob Thornton, James Marsden, Thomas Jane and Piper Perabo, the flick comes from SAW V director David Hackl. Today we're getting a look at the thriller courtesy go BlairWitch.de; check out some gory stills below. In the action...
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Consider yourself Endangered by this early sales art

Wow. It's hard to believe that it has been 10 months since we last heard anything on SAW V director David Hackl's ENDANGERED (formerly RED MACHINE), but today we actually have some early sales art for the man-vs.-beast thriller which you can check out below. In the action thriller Endangered, a deputy whose mission is protecting the threatened grizzly bear suddenly...
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Open Road renames Red Machine to Endangered

Open Road has announced that SAW V director David Hackl's RED MACHINE will release later this year under the new name of ENDANGERED. Open Road has just recently seen the success of another man vs. beast film with THE GREY so I'm very hopeful with their latest feature as they will be trading in wolves for man eating grizzlies. If anyone can fight a grizzly bear though, it's Thomas...
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Billy Bob Thornton updates killer bear flick Red Machine

It's been quite some time since we've had any updates on director David Hackl's killer bear flick RED MACHINE (see our last update, which includes a pic of Thomas Jane facing off against the titular baddie, HERE ) but star Billy Bob Thornton recently revealed some details on the upcoming man vs. nature thriller via his official website . Peep what he had to say below: James Marsden...
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