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ABC's of Death 2 Blu-ray/DVD details and artwork revealed

ABC'S OF DEATH 2 brings us 26 more killer short films from an international conglomerate of directors, and now the wickedly fun anthology is headed to DVD and Blu-ray on February 3, 2015. 26 tales of death, one short film for every letter of the alphabet: this formula was used to explore macabre matters in Magnet Releasing’s THE ABC'S OF DEATH and the same framework...
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Here's the green band trailer for ABC's of Death 2

Just a couple of days after bringing you the awesome red-band trailer for the upcoming ABC'S OF DEATH 2, we've now got the green band trailer to share with you folks who want less gore, more bore. You're out there, right? I much prefer the red-band trailer but each his or her own. I like the gore! The sequel to the horror anthology features 26 new ways to die...
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Gruesome red-band trailer for ABC's of Death 2 spells out gory fun

If you didn't quite learn all of your ABC's the first time around, then you'll get a nice refresher with the very NSFW " Extreme Red Band Trailer " for ABCs OF DEATH 2, coming at us from Magnet Releasing and Drafthouse Films. The sequel to the horror anthology features 26 new ways to die from 26 new directors and will have its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest on...
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M is for Masticate wins spot in ABCs of Death 2

"Maticate" - transitive verb - "to grind or crush (food) with or as if with the teeth." Just preparing you for the announcement that Robert Boocheck's "M is for Masticate" has won ABCs OF DEATH 2 ’s “Search for the 26th Director”. With a whopping 541 final entries from over 40 countries submitted to the competition, the sequel’s terrifying tournament ranked as one of the industry’s...
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