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Kill of the Day: "Game of Thrones" (2013)

Well ladies and gents "Game of Thrones" is just a couple weeks away from returning and kicking our asses with it's awesomeness so I figured now would be as best a time as any to revisit Season 3 of the show and this pretty epic scene, at least in this schmuck's opinion. For today's Kill of the Dead we're watching as little Arya Stark finally gets her first kill under her belt. Took her...
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Kill of the Day: "Game of Thrones" (2013)

So did you hear about the 'Red Wedding' from "Game of Thrones?" I only ask because it seems even people who don't know what "Game of Thrones" heard about this damn thing! The reaction video on YouTube has pretty much even gone viral. Needless to say the 'Red Wedding' is today's Kill of the Day! And what a Kill of the Day it is! People will be shocked by this scene, "Games of Thrones"...
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